About Us

Teamstinct was designed to fill a very specific gap in the market: a simple-to-use web application that provides a virtual team with a set of essential communication tools. Thus, teamstinct was designed such that:

  • A single user could manage a group of invited members
  • A single user could easily work with multiple groups, whether they are the group owner or not
  • A team of individuals can organize and manage different types of communication to such a degree that not every group member necessarily had access to all group 'channels'.
  • All necesary 'presence' information (status, status message, location and availability) are both configurable and automatically syncronized without a group.
  • Minimize the likelyhood of 'data leakage' (common with systems such as email) with clear user interface design and discrete groups of members, teamstinct reduces the chance that somebody could receive information to which they are not privileged.

Teamstinct may not appear at first glance to be particulary revolutionary, but every aspect of teamstinct has been designed for the needs of managing virtual teams and workgroups.