Teamstinct Features

  • Simple and responsive team messaging

    At the core of teamstinct is a simple to use, robust and responsive team messaging system which offers a faster and more natural communication experience than email.

  • Assured messaging with email fall back

    Be confident that all team members will receive your messages. Even when they are not logged in, teamstinct will send an email version of the message.

  • Independent member statuses across different groups

    Have you ever wanted to show yourself as 'Available' for work colleagues, but 'Busy' for friends and family? With teamstinct you can.

  • Independent member 'aliases' across different groups

    Use your nickname with social groups and something more formal for work groups.

  • Independent group 'channels'

    Organize and control communication into discrete configurable channels and assign members to channels as required.

  • Assign only certain channels to certain group members

    Perhaps 'contractors' should not receive certain company communication (eg: Human Resources).

  • Custom, editable members status for each group

    Rather than the usual 'Available' or 'Busy', you can define your own, perhaps 'Travelling', 'On Holiday' or 'In Client Meeting'.

  • Territorial channel restrictions

    A feature unique to teamstinct which allows only members that are physically located in specified territories to access a channel. This is extremely important for Government or enterprise use where the distribution of certain material must be tightly controlled.

  • Configurable audio and visual message notifications

    Audible notifications are perfect when you are multi-tasking or away from your desk, but perhaps a bit distracting for busy groups, so just switch to visual alerts: or both, or neither... however you want.